LPG Vehicle Scheme

The Government has established the LPG Vehicle Scheme to pay a rebate to private use motorists who have purchased an LP Gas conversion or a new LPG vehicle.

Two different grants are available:
  1. A grant of $2,000 for an LPG conversion of a new or used petrol/diesel motor vehicle.
  2. A grant of $1,000 will be paid following the purchase of a new motor vehicle with an LPG unit fitted at the time of manufacture of the vehicle.
Motorists can apply for the grants if they have bought a new vehicle with LPG fitted when it was built or owners who have a new or used vehicle that was converted to LPG on or after 14 August 2006.

The vehicle must be registered in your name at the time of LPG conversion, or for new cars, at the time you purchased your new LPG vehicle.

An eligible vehicle:
  • Must be for private use only (cannot be for business or commercial use).
  • Must be less than 3.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass.
  • Must be registered in the Australian state or territory of residence of claimant. It must also be registered/declared for private use.
  • Must have been converted or purchased within the last 12 months.
  • Is not subject to a novated lease or salary sacrifice arrangement.
For full details on the LPG Vehicle Scheme please check out the ausindustry.gov.au site. You can find application forms for the scheme here.