Advantages of LP Gas Conversion

Cheaper to Run on LPG

98% of taxis and tens of thousands of private vehicles run on LPG. LP Gas is usually half the price of petrol and diesel, and because LPG burns cleaner spark plugs and oil need less changing - saving you money on maintenance costs as well. The governent offers up to $2000 to help pay for the conversion through the LPG Vehicle Scheme. Check our LPG Savings Calculator to see how much you'll save.

LPG is Good for the Environment

Compared to petrol, LPG has:
  • 10% - 15% lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • 80% lower Air Toxics (benzene)
  • 20% less ozone forming potential (i.e. photochemical smog)
Source: Australia State of the Environment 2001

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